Dating and Marriage

Are you thinking of getting married?

Often people wonder how their ideal partner should be; what features must she or he have to be a good wife or husband … But have you ever wondered if you’d be someone’s ideal partner? Have you solved your emotional problems and feel your soul is ready to share what you are with your partner? Will you be able to love unconditionally wihout expecting anything in return each day?


In these videos you’ll find clues about the courtship and marriage to make sure you’re on the right track, and a few other things to consider.

Do you know your partner?

Romance without sex?

Human person and sexuality

Now you love the right person, what is the next step?

Now that you know you love the right person and you can spend all your time to make him or her happy for a lifetime, what is the next thing to do? What difference does it make to marry in the Church? Can the sacrament of Matrimony add something supernatural between my partner and me? How can I prepare myself before the wedding? Does all this boil down to a glamorous party?

Marrying? What for?

The Wedding, more than a party?

What does the Sacrament add?

Catholic marriage

Marriage is the intimate union and mutual giving of life between a man and a woman with the purpose of seeking mutual good. Thus, marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union that fulfills God’s original plan for the couple. In addition, Christ elevated this love vocation to the dignity of a sacrament when he made the consent of Christian spouses to be given the very symbol of his own dedication for all on the cross.


With this public declaration of surrender, consummated later in the intimate act of bodily surrender, the spouses constitute for each other living sacraments of Christ’s surrender to humanity. Therefore, they are true ministers of this sacrament. Although, for their statement to be recognized, the Church asks the spouses to pronounce this consent in front of an authorized witness by the Church, who can be a priest or a deacon, and in front of the Christian community.


Just in a few words, both by their donation and mutual service and by their co-creative mission, spouses are living and permanent sacrament of Christ’s love for humanity and they become “Ministers of the Domestic Church” where they are called daily, together with the bread and the word, to sharing the life of Christ with your spouse, your children and those around you.

Is there Happiness without values?

How the Spouses love?

Questions and answers about marriage

Do you meet the characteristics to be someone’s ideal partner ? Do you posses the sense and aptitud and of a good spouse?

Is marriage my vocation?

It is not enough to feel in love or to be convinced you’ve found the love of your life. You need to know your virtues and weaknesses to see if you can be a good spouse.

There is no doubt that everybody is born to love. But that doesn’t mean we are prepared to give our love to another person or to receive it from him or her. Marital love requires total dedication and absolute union with our partner. We stop being isolated subjects to become part of a “we”. If you are willing to do it, there is certainly a vocational component in your choice.

Is it true love, or am I afraid of a singleness that would last a lifetime?

Many people experience this fear and rush to make marriage decisions because they feel a great affinity with their partner and thus avoid loneliness, which leads them to make mistakes. Affinity is not enough.

It is necessary to distinguish that a couple experiences up to three stages throughout their relationship, but many of them keep stuck in the first one: falling in love. Then the romantic or “I love you” stage would come, and finally the love in which the desire of surrender to the other person is already absolute and without conditions.

Do I have to expect something from my partner? Will I be capable of full self-giving?

Full surrender in any area of life involves not expecting anything in return. Even more in marriage, which is a union between two people who give themselves to each other, by doing it in the most complete and absolute way; all your tastes, hobbies, tasks, responsibilities, desires, illusions, problems, joys and a long etcetera.

If you feel fear or are not convinced of your commitment, you should examine if it is your problem or your couple’s to find the best solution for both.

Do we really know each other and do not have major incompatibilities?

It is not necessary for your partner to be identical to you, or to express like you, much less to have the same personality. Each person is different! But it is important that there is compatibility when it comes to understanding life, the way of living it and defending the same values ​​and principles. It is important that there is compatibility on a bodily, intellectual level, and last and foremost, on an inner level.

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