Being parents

Family life

In marriage, you will be able to fulfill your vocation to love and serve your partner while you fulfill yourself in other areas of life and let your partner also fulfill himself. Something wonderful. But this sacramental union also reserves a space where the love between the two spouses could open up to the mystery and miracle of conception, where God leaves his mark by giving a soul to new life. For all this, marriage will be the most important thing in your life.


It is in your hands and in those of your partner that your marriage, among other things, be a place of union, sincerity, help, but above all a challenge to transcend the gifts that God gave you and your vocation to be “one flesh” with your couple. From there, a new family life will begin that must be made up of good people, full of joy who love each other and who are capable of loving others.

Your marriage is the beginning of a family life of its own from which healthy people should come.

How many children?

Contraception and its effects

How to educate the children?

For a Catholic it is not enough to pray. Besides that, we have to live in a way that makes others recognize God in our face.


The Church does not indoctrinate couples to educate their children in a certain way, but it does warn that Christians have only one vision of what the family is, and we must carry it out when important decisions are to be made, the ones which affect the Christian education of children to make effective the call that we have: to be witnesses of Christ.

Catholic parents have the duty to educate their children according to their faith.

How to educate our children?

The Church and the responsible parenthood

The use of methods based on 'natural rithms of fertility' should be promoted. These methods respect the bodies of the spouses, foster affection between them, and promote the education of real freedom.

Pope Francis, “Amoris Laetitia” (pt.222)

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